matthewI am Matthew Newman and am very happy to welcome you to the new home of all things poker. Here, you w ill discover all the varieties of your favourite game, and many ways to profit from it. From standard poker for fun to the most amazing online tournaments to reviews of all types of poker-related websites, apps and games such as video poker.


gamblerladbroke-pokersIf you have ever encountered a true poker or slots person, you would guess what they do from first glance – we have that sense of security and calmness no one else has. After all, who else but people who make money by playing games could ever be as calm nowadays?

I was first introduced to online casinos when I had just turned 15! My first real game, though, was on my coming-of-age party. My father took me to a real casino and I was instantly mesmerised. But I couldn’t visit the casino that often. Hence, I searched online. What I discovered was an immense world of opportunities – the word I will be sharing with you on Pokerfoes.com

The Poker Foes Principles

No idea is a plan unless it has reasons to exist. My reasons for creating this poker community are also the principles under which I try to live, work and love:

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  1. Work can be pleasant, if you want it to be such.
  2. Never leave today’s luck for tomorrow.
  3. Trust you mind, but never forbade your instincts.
  4. Work towards success; it won’t come by itself.

Because of them, I became a celebrity among my townsfolk, and managed to get the car of my dreams (Mercedes SLR) without even having to save-up money!

If you want to become successful in the game, you need to know all about it, to practice it daily. This is why pokerfoes.com is your best partner.